Newsflash – Breakthrough at Last!

It has taken over a year to finally get the amazing news, that planning permission to demolish listed structures and build 17 luxury townhouses in the Historic Garden, has now officially been WITHDRAWN!!!!

Our Friends Group members met with the development company, a few weeks ago to propose community led restoration and productive use of the walled garden. We hope that EDI Group ltd’s board members will now hear the voices of hundreds of community members & recognise the value of this fertile ‘secret’ garden to local people. The Oldest Walled Garden in Edinburgh deserves a chance to survive.

  • Tree Preservation Orders have been applied for, to protect the remaining Victorian apple trees
  • Historic Scotland and other suitably qualified conservation organisations have been contacted to advise on restoration work needed and costs
  • New access track idea, to allow community members to restore and work in the garden without disturbing nearby residents.

What next for Friends of Granton Castle Walled Garden?

November has been a very busy month for the Friends Group, productive meetings and new members adding their energy and enthusiasm to help save this walled garden.

A ‘timeline’ of our community campaign was put together to help everyone understand the story – Friends of Granton Castle Walled Garden Campaign timeline


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Working in North Edinburgh towards sustainable greenspace development. Community food growing, permaculture, orchards and gardens for wildlife.
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2 Responses to Newsflash – Breakthrough at Last!

  1. Mossytwig says:

    Reblogged this on North Edinburgh Community Organics and commented:

    Very proud of this news and the combined energies of people interested in safeguarding something very rare for the future. So many benefits could come from this to health and wellbeing locally, and a treasure to be proud of in North Edinburgh!

  2. Mossytwig says:

    Delay in withdrawal of planning permission notice until the end of Dec.
    Notification of planning department’s intent to withdraw planning application for 17 townhouses requires 21 days notice to be given to the council development company, WEL ltd, for response.

    Recent awareness raising of the situation has found widespread community support for this listed garden’s safeguarding from demolition.
    Local community councillors in West Pilton and Granton are in support of this Openspace being protected from unnecessary housing development, and loss to the community.

    Positive news is that there is widespread support for allowing restoration and use of this garden by community members and local groups. Also from environmental and greenspace departments of the council. Edible Edinburgh, Parks and Greenspaces.
    Hoping we can find a way to work together in the new year.

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